5-in-1: Synergy Of Ingredients In Hello100 NMN Prolonging Healthspan

ScienceNovember 23, 202210min read

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  • Hello100 scientific board added the 5 ingredients into its liposomal NMN supplement formula based on recent scientific findings
  • Novel liposomal technology provides superior stability of active ingredients, allowing for higher absorption and greater efficacy
  • Each ingredient in the NMN capsule has its health effects separately, yet works with others synergetically for better results
  • NMN molecule ensures high NAD+ levels, and the latter performs as fuel for DNA-repairing agents


The choice of a specific NMN supplement for your healthy aging can be justified by the supplement’s effectiveness only. However, not always these supplements perform as expected. And the reason for this can be low bioavailability, insufficient doses, expired NMN products, low NMN quality,  and even a state of health.

To cover these holes, the scientific board in Hello100 decided on creating a sustainable formula that can be effectively used by beginners and long-time users of NMN supplements. More to this, the 5-in-1 formula was developed to enhance cellular activity, and make DNA repair a constant process for a longer healthspan.

In this article, you will get answers to the following questions

  • Why is NMN important?
  • How did Hello100 enhance the bioavailability of the supplement?
  • What are the ingredients in the Hello100 NMN capsule?
  • How does each ingredient in Hello100 NMN work separately?
  • How do the 5 ingredients work synergetically?

Why Is NMN Important?

NMN, though being a small molecule, has a huge role in the aging process. NMN is naturally produced by our bodies. It helps to regulate numerous cellular functions, supports DNA repair mechanisms, and most importantly boosts NAD+ levels. NAD+ is a molecule critical to keep us alive.

Talking about NAD+ we cannot miss the fact that its sources in the human body decrease with age while being used to sweeten our health. As a result, cellular energy used to fight inflammations declines, we contract aging health conditions and end up with a shorter lifespan. Quite the opposite happens when NAD+ levels are elevated.

NMN helps to restore the declining amounts of the NAD+ molecule. One way to keep NMN levels high for refilling NAD+ content is indirect intervention through supplementation.

Specifically, NMN supplementation showed promising benefits among them enhanced NAD+ levels. On top of supplements, certain foods naturally contain NMN but in trace amounts.

As research showed, boosting NAD through NMN can deliver health effects such as

  • Heart health protection
  • Age-related weight gain suppression
  • Inflammation regulation
  • Defend against diabetes
  • Enhanced DNA repair
  • Improved metabolism
  • Boosted cognitive function
  • Protection against UV-induced damage

NMN is a vitamin B3 derivative, meaning it is similar to the Vitamin B3 molecule with a small difference. NMN has a different atomic structure making it a more effective NAD+ precursor. Vitamin B3 converts into NAD+ through a longer pathway, in contrast to NMN taking one step to becoming NAD+.

Additionally, one may encounter unwanted side effects with Vitamin B3 usage. With NMN supplements, no significant side effects were observed. NMN are important components for NAD+ boost and repairing DNA damage caused by many stressors, including UV radiation.

Though NMN is well-tolerated and safe for human usage, some NMN supplements may lack bioavailability. How to approach this challenge?

How Did Hello100 Solve The Bioavailability Challenge?

First, let us understand “bioavailability”. Our gastrointestinal environment is rich in acids (stomach acid) that break down food to help us digest nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Yet, when the supplement gets broken down by stomach acid, only a tiny fraction of it reaches the blood system, tissues, and cells. Hence, the supplement loses its usefulness.

New liposomal technology makes bioavailability or absorption possible. Hello100 scientific team decided to add the liposomal delivery method to the 5-in-1 formula to shield NMN from stomach acid.

As stated in a study “Liposomes are valued for their biological and technological advantages, and are considered to be the most successful drug-carrier systems known to date.” 

Liposomes are small vesicles made of lipids and have a strong resemblance to cell membranes. This feature makes liposomes not water-soluble and makes it easier to attach cells. When the supplement is placed in a liposomal capsule, it easily passes through the gastrointestinal tract and remains intact. And this is the main quality of liposomes shielding supplements for getting better absorbed.


Liposomal NMN

The liposomal technology ensures the utilization and bioavailability of nutrients by prolonging the time they stay in the bloodstream. This way, ingredients with higher bioavailability do not get destroyed in the stomach ensuring better results with smaller doses. Hence, the higher the bioavailability, the higher the health benefits.

What Are The Ingredients In The Hello100 NMN Capsule?

The 5 active ingredients in a Hello100 capsule are

  • NMN
  • Betaine (aka TMG)
  • Vitamin B12
  • Folate
  • Trans-resveratrol

Each of these active supplements and vitamins has its contribution to boosting NAD+ levels, supporting cellular functions and a healthy lifespan. In the following sections, we explain their activity, features, and benefits.

NMN And Betaine Relationship

Betaine, widely known as TMG is a supplement one gets from beetroots and it is crucial for liver function, cellular reproduction, and heart health.

Why was TMG added to the Hello100 NMN capsule?

Imagine methyl groups as a pool of sacrificing molecules giving some part of themselves for defending genetic information. These molecules help NMN conversion to NAD+ by giving away themselves. As a result, the pool may get empty, but here comes TMG to fill in methyl molecules for their sustainable activity.

betaine, TMG from beetrootImage source

Let us look into studies.

The 6-week trial with 48 healthy runners showed how NMN supplementation increases aerobic capacity. The participants took 600 mg of daily non-liposomal NMN supplements along with exercising demonstrating better stamina and endurance. And this is due to NMN enhancing oxygen consumption.

In addition, other studies show how NAD+ increase via NMN supplements suppresses age-induced weight gain. Now, keeping in mind these effects of NMN and exercise, read on.

Looking into another study with mammals, we see the combination of TMG and exercise beneficially affects obesity. Obese and high-fat diet-fed mice were given TMG alongside exercise. The group of mice getting “TMG and regular exercise” demonstrated positive weight loss contrary to the “no-TMG and exercise” or “TMG-only” group showing no significant changes in weight.

Imagine the cohesive effects of NMN and TMG usage. While TMG assists NMN conversion into NAD+, NMN in its turn increases exercise capacity. And now with higher exercise energy, complementing the body with TMG supplements can lead to a decrease in excess weight. Hence, NMN, TMG, and exercise combination can improve the suppression of age-associated obesity double-fold.

Other scientifically proven benefits of TMG or Betaine supplementation include

  • Decreased risk of kidney damage
  • Heart health protection through homocysteine (amino acid) metabolism
  • Cell proliferation or reproduction
  • Carnitine production (helps fats turn into energy)

Vitamin B12 And Folate Relationship

Vitamin B12 is also known as cobalamin, and Folate is known as vitamin B9 and is the active form of folic acid. Vitamin B12 and folate are vital molecules for DNA production and red blood cell formation. Plus, they are also methyl donors and assist in the transfer of methyl groups.

One of the many crucial roles of Folate and vitamin b12 is they act as methyl donors for DNA methylation. In simple words, DNA methylation is the chemical alteration in DNA strands which is essential for keeping genetic information, also supporting healthy development. DNA methylation regulated gene expression turning on and off healthy or weak genes respectively.

According to studies, DNA methylation changes or inactivity may lead to cardiovascular, neurological, and autoimmune system disorders and cancer. Furthermore, DNA methylation decreases with biological aging leading to heritable DNA changes. More to this, methyl donor deficiency may lead to poor DNA methylation and DNA mutations.

Thus, involving folate and vitamin B12 supplementation in the routine may enhance the methylation. As the research suggests that folate supplementation increases DNA methylation by 4,5%. For postmenopausal women not to develop tumorous formations and DNA alterations, it is important to supplement with folate while enough amounts of it are not anymore acquired from food.

The vitamin B12 and folate deficiency leads to anemia characterized by very big red blood cells. Also, it can be the cause of weakness, fatigue, intestine disturbances, and nervous system disorders. The deficiency can be caused due to vegan or vegetarian diet, as well as increasing age when the body’s ability to absorb nutrients tires.

Vitamin B12, fish, milk, eggs, nutsImage source

As the human body produces neither folate nor vitamin B12 naturally, the use of supplements is critical. This is also important if one has certain dietary preferences with no milk, meat, or fish intake. The advantages of sufficient vitamin B12 and folate levels are

  • Bone health
  • Blood cells health
  • Heart health 
  • Fertility improvement
  • Improved mood and less stress
  • Brain health
  • High energy levels

Trans-Resveratrol And NMN Relationship

While resveratrol is the general name of the supplement, and trans-resveratrol is the more active form concentrated in resveratrol supplements. It is hard for the human body to absorb and use resveratrol and most of it gets removed through the urine. However, trans-resveratrol is comparably better absorbed.

Resveratrol is a naturally occurring compound in the group of polyphenols. Polyphenols are strong antioxidants protecting the body from inflammation and damage. Resveratrol can be obtained from grapes, grape seeds, red wine, cocoa, blueberries, cranberries, and peanuts.

resveratrol can be found in grapes, berries, peanutImage source

Besides being a strong antioxidant, trans-resveratrol is an important longevity gene activator. The Sirtuins family is a gene that consists of 7 proteins (SIRT1-7). Sirtuins activity is essential for DNA repair, also reducing oxidative stress and genetic information protection.

SIRT1 and SIRT6 stand out from the Sirtuin family being the most studied. These two proteins regulate weight through caloric restriction, guard cardiovascular health, and are beneficial against oxidative stress.

As mentioned, the activation of Sirtuin genes is important for DNA repair. The protein known as PARP1 is responsible for repairing any damage in DNA. Every time this protein detects DNA damage, it gets activated, and that activation requires NAD+.

Plus, PARP1 protein is dependent on proper Sirtuin levels. Hence, with each DNA damage and repair, NAD+ and Sirtuin levels decline.

Studies show that Sirtuins activity is fueled by NAD+. So, by supplementing with NMN one can increase the NAD+ levels to fuel Sirtuin activity, and take resveratrol supplements to increase Sirtuin levels for effective DNA protection. Thus, the synergetic work of NMN and resveratrol supplements may positively affect longevity and repair mechanisms.

Sirtuin activation through resveratrol carries the following benefits

  • Longevity
  • DNA repair
  • Healthy cell survival
  • Energy metabolism (turning fat into energy)
  • Heart protection
  • Anti-inflammatory system fortification
  • Brain and neuronal protection


The Hello100 5-in-1 NMN formula can promise a longer lifespan with stable health status. Each of the 5 ingredients in one capsule compliments others’ work. One of the major roles of these ingredients is replacing with new material what was used up during molecular reactions.

The NMN is shielded with liposomal technology which also increases the bioavailability of nutrient absorption.