5 Reasons To Take Control Of Your Aging

Health • October 6th, 2022 • 2 min read


Charles A., PhD,


1. Live Longer & Healthier!

These days, the question is not simply how to live longer, but how to live longer & healthier.

 New technologies enable scientists to better understand aging, providing new solutions to prevent chronic diseases and expand the healthspan.

2. Damage Builds Up!

Aging is the ratio between damage accumulation and compensatory mechanisms. Damage accumulation occurs constantly in our biology and physiology. Mechanism for compensation of damage is inscribed in our DNA. 

But as we age, compensation becomes less effective, because damage accumulation occurs in the molecules that take care of the damage, and slowly and progressively more and more damage escapes from compensatory control.

3. Your Energy Levels Decline

In order to maintain compensatory mechanisms, we need energy. 

NAD+ is a molecule that delivers energy to maintain various critical cellular functions, including metabolic pathways, DNA repair, chromatin re-modeling, cellular senescence and immune cell function. As you age NAD+ levels also decline.

However, you can intervene in the decline.

4. Molecule That Holds The Key

Aging-associated diseases can be slowed down and even reversed by restoring NAD+ levels. Therefore, NAD+ metabolism has emerged as a potential therapeutic approach to fight aging-related disease, and extend the human healthspan and lifespan. 

NAD+ levels can be increased by supplementing with NAD precursor NMN. Taken orally, NMN is rapidly absorbed and converted to NAD+.

5. 5-In-1 Formula To Slow Aging

The 5-in-1 Hello100 NMN food supplement was designed following recent scientific research to safely and efficiently boost your NAD+ levels. 

The unique Hello100 formula is powered by liposomal NMN, trans-resveratrol, TMG, Vitamin B12 and Folate to support methylation.

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