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NutritionNovember 12, 20213min read

Resveratrol can be found in grapes, grape seeds or roots. Hello100 Lipo NMN contains RDI of trans-resveratorl

If the youth and age will never agree then how can we achieve our myriad goals set ahead? Can the scientists find the holy grail of longevity? And is it possible to achieve the 100?

To your note, while you are stressing over these agonizing questions you may lose some seconds of your life. Maybe I say it to lead you to think more about your psychological and mental health.

But are we just talking myths about longevity? NO. The good news is that apparently longevity is achievable and aging can be ameliorated.

Thinking about longevity and aging doesn’t necessarily mean disabilities, numerous age-related diseases, and everyday struggles to survive body pains. Think of leading a healthy lifestyle, taking fewer nutrients, and avoiding malnutrition. Look how it can change your body’s perception of aging.

Studies show that particular activities can increase your lifespan. And this is not talking about extra medications that you can take sometimes may cause many side effects. And I will not surprise you by suggesting taking care of your health while being young is crucial to avoiding chronic illnesses and disabilities later in life. It is vital to be active during the daytime and think twice before burning the midnight oil.

How can dieting be the key?

They say you are what you eat. Another vital step you can take is the proper diet which can significantly improve mitochondrial functions. The dysregulation of those functions can be a reason for cell senescence and hallmarks of aging. Besides the well-known fasting or intermittent fasting as a method of cleansing your nutrient-sensing pathways, another practical approach remains the decreased amount of food intake.

Vegetables and greens are a source of NMN and vitamins

This may sound intense but decreased nutrients mean increased energy and hence- longevity. When you are fasting your body starts cleansing itself. In scientific language, it is called autophagy. It takes time for your body. Depending on your metabolism it can last from two to four days to clean DNA pathways. Studies conducted on rodents showed that fasting 24 hours every other day increases lifespan by 30%. A significant result, isn’t it?

What are Sirtuins and what is their role in aging?

In the processes of caloric restriction, senescence, cell survival, and apoptosis, DNA repair Sirtuins play an immense role. These are NAD+ dependent histone deacetylases that are a group of proteins of seven types namely SIRT1–7. Seven members of this protein group are believed to prevent human pathologies.

resveratrol is an activator of longevity genes Sirtuins. Trans-resveratrol is a more bioavailable form of resveratrol which is present in Hello100 liposomal nmn

They are mitochondrial proteins that are essential for generating energy. These NAD+ dependent enzymes play an active part in modulating the target protein activities intervening in the changes in the metabolic status of cells and controlling the diseases of aging.

The leading activities tied to Sirtuins are metabolism and longevity. The sirtuin diet and called the Sirtfood diet is a relatively new concept that is gaining popularity. It is similar to a low caloric diet where sirtuins can boost fat metabolism, which in its turn, will lead to weight loss. By moving the stored fat, metabolizing energy sirtuins help you prolong your lifespan and positively affect the aging process.

These are just a few of the ways to slow down the aging process. Regardless of this, cellular degradation is a natural process and everyone will someday eventually find themselves in the state of aging. It is another problem how can you raise the quality of your healthy aging.

Let us discuss it more in the sequential articles about longevity with Hello100.