Can NMN Help You Lose Weight?

NutritionJuly 18, 20228min read

can NMN help in weight loss


  • In order to maintain a healthily lean body, one should design a proper diet, supplementation and lifestyle habits.
  • NMN supplements show promising results in enhanced metabolism in animal studies and the same is expected in humans.
  • Sirtuins regulate such body functions as caloric restriction, inflammation, aging, and age-related weight gain.
  • Learning the ways of how to boost the Sirtuins activity for better metabolism and weight loss.
  • NAD+ levels are correlated with aging and longevity. But it is also an essential molecule for better metabolism and enhanced energy.
  • As the NAD+ levels decline with age, you can boost it through several means.


Most people start paying attention to what they eat, how much they exercise, or lead a mindful lifestyle as soon as they notice devastating health issues. But the key to a healthier body and lifespan is to settle predesigned diets, exercise, and even supplementation habits to inhibit weight gain, muscle degeneration, and numerous other incommunicable health conditions. 

A powerful way to bring back a healthy body is to quit the idle routine life and start our conscientious life towards longevity. For this reason, we have thought thoroughly about what advice to give you and what might help you optimally lose weight along with fulfilling your goal of a healthy and longer lifespan.

Besides the numerous diet patterns (that may not always fit everybody), scientists have been eagerly looking for natural molecules that may complement those diets to double their benefits. Plus, make dieting rather a pleasant experience leading to weight loss.

Caloric/diet restriction and different types of fasting protocols showed promising health and longer-life-expectancy results in animal studies. Moreover, numerous health benefits and disease preventive outcomes were documented after human studies.

As an additional intervention to the goal of shedding some extra weight, many people use NMN food supplements and report effective impacts. Hence, in this article, we are going to talk about the benefits of NMN supplements on weight loss and enhanced metabolism, exercise, and dieting patterns that may help you lose the undesirable excess weight.

Does NMN Boost Metabolism?

The phenomenon of obesity, type 2 diabetes (T2D), and metabolic diseases are considered a new epidemic. This is not surprising with the available high caloric products and fast food delivery services. The sedentary lifestyle leads to numerous inflammations resulting in excess weight gain.

But the people leading an active and healthy lifestyle are less likely to encounter the above-mentioned conditions. However, diets and fasting, and extra time in the gym may not always guarantee weight loss and increased metabolism.

Studies show that you can help your body rev up the natural functions to reduce inflammation and increase metabolism through boosted NAD+ levels and Sirtuins family activity. The Sirtuins are longevity genes that participate essentially in all body protection activities and metabolic regulations.

Yet to increase the Sirtuins activity and NAD+ levels, scientists also suggest taking NMN supplements. However, if you are wondering whether NMN can help to lose weight, they have the answer to this question.

NMN supplements are considered effective in increasing NAD+ levels and activating Sirtuin (Sirt2) genes. These two components are critical in almost all body functions, including better metabolism, insulin sensitivity, and brain operation. With increased levels of NAD+ and Sirtuins activation, the human body is better protected from weight gain, inflammations leading to obesity, and muscle degeneration.

Mitochondria are critical for cellular energy production and metabolism. Hence, they play a central role in regulating balanced body weight and preventing obesity. However, mitochondrial dysfunction and low energy (ATP) are correlated with obesity-induced diseases such as type 2 diabetes (T2D), insulin resistance, cardiovascular complications, and reproductive issues.

Studies once again ascertain, that the NAD+, NADH, and ATP (energy) levels are relatively low and continue lowering over the lifetime reaching up to a 50% decline by middle age. With the decreased levels of NAD+ and ATP, the human body gets exposed to numerous health conditions.

This is how to address these challenges.

Sirtuins protein family activation and weight loss

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Sirtuins Activation And Weight Loss

One of the major causes of obesity is inflammation leading to oxidative stress, respiratory difficulties, and movement limitations. In the case of excess weight and obesity, the reduced NAD+ levels instigate inflammation and poor Sirtuins functioning. The latter is established to be responsible for monitoring brain function, metabolic regulations, inflammations, and caloric restriction. 

The connection between Sirtuins, aging, longevity, inflammation, and caloric restriction suggests that the upregulation of these genes may prevent the development of obesity and premature death in humans and animals.

For this reason, scientists advise boosting the Sirtuins activation in several ways.

  • One of the most effective ways to activate Sirtuins is caloric restriction. The Sirtfood diet was invented to activate the Sirtuins through certain types of food intake while cutting off calories. Many celebrities practice the Sirtfood diet which is a promising method for losing weight. The diet is mostly plant-based and calorie-controlled.

So, the first phase of the calorie restriction is when most of the weight loss occurs. And during the maintenance phase, you go on losing weight gradually. Note: Before starting this extreme caloric restricted diet consult your health care provider.

  • Resveratrol is a naturally available component and is a powerful agent for Sirtuin activation. It is present in blueberries, grapes, and especially grape seeds. Red wine is considered a good source of trans-resveratrol which is a more potent form of resveratrol.

Scientists found that the Sirtuins activation among obese men via resveratrol supplementation reduces inflammation, and blood pressure also harmonizes respiration. The increase in Sirtuins’ functioning is a key to longevity and a healthy lifespan.

  • Recent studies revealed that aerobic exercises might also increase the activity of 2 members of the Sirtuins family, specifically SIRT1 and SIRT3.  Aerobic exercises delivered a significant increase in SIRT3 among sedentary individuals. While the SIRT1 which is responsible for regulating inflammation, caloric restriction, and healthy metabolism was increased after a single load of acute exercises.

But here again, before starting acute exercise seek advice from your doctor.

Sirt1 helps in metabolism and weight loss

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  • Sirtuins are NAD-dependent genes, meaning that their activity is highly related to NAD+ levels in the body. Increasing NAD+ levels through NMN supplements promotes the SIRT1 activation. Moreover, supplements including trans-resveratrol are specifically effective in elevating NAD+ levels and Sirtuin protein family activation.

NAD+ elevation via NMN supplementation may carry metabolic improvement, neuroprotective, cardioprotective, and antioxidant effects for human and animal organisms.

Augmented NAD+ Levels For Weight Loss

As discussed above, NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a crucial component for healthy life and organismal survival in general. However, it has also been established that NAD+ levels decline with age. Correlatively, low NAD+ levels induce a faster-aging pace and myriad health problems including weight gain.

Scientists showed that NAD+ has a huge impact on human metabolism. Hence, we can conclude that higher levels of NAD+ may contribute to weight loss. Let us discuss several ways how you can increase your NAD+ levels naturally and by supplementation.

  • After years of studies, scientists can now surely say that NMN supplements are an effective way to boost NAD+ levels. Being a direct precursor to NAD+ molecule, NMN supplements convert to NAD+ in the body soon after ingestion. Higher NAD+ levels in their turn trigger the body’s protective functions against inflammation, degeneration, and suppress age-related weight gain.

Moreover, novel liposomal technologies provide even better bioavailability, and hence, effective absorption of the NMN products. According to the above-mentioned studies, orally administered 250 mg of NMN supplements promises a safe and sustainable increase in NAD+ levels.

Yet, with liposomal NMN products, you do not need to intake larger amounts of this molecule to feel the effects.

  • Physical activity enhances NAD+ levels while supporting weight loss. According to this newly published study, aging and NAD+ decline are highly correlated. The downregulation of the skeletal NAD+ levels was found to be related to physical inactivity and health impairment. 

Hence, after several weeks of research with older and young adults, researchers established a positive correlation between exercise and rescued NAD+ levels. In addition to increasing NAD+, exercises help to effectively lose weight while accompanied by a balanced diet.

NAD+ and Weight loss, physical activity and weight loss

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  • Another effective and natural way of enriching NAD+ levels lies through NMN foods consumption. There are 9 types of foods that naturally contain NMN including broccoli, cabbage, avocado, tomatoes, cucumber, edamame, mushrooms, beef, and shrimp. As complementary to NMN storage, these foods are also low-caloric products to add to your diet for effective weight loss. 

These 9 NMN foods contain an adequate amount of natural NMN to enhance your NAD+ levels. Yet, not quite enough to achieve the results NMN supplementation may provide. So, while making your mouthwatering dishes with these foods supplement your diet with NMN products.


From the above discussed it can be concluded that NMN supplementation does not only promote slower aging and longevity genes expression but is also a powerful activator of weight suppressor agents. NMN may not directly help in weight loss but will activate NAD+ and Sirtuins genes which are important components for fighting obesity and excess weight gain while aging.

Scientists believe that exercise and diet can help lower the odds of age-related weight gain. Consequently, the NAD+ augmentation with NMN supplements may help in exercise effectiveness and weight loss. Moreover, synergetic NMN supplementation, a balanced diet, and regular exercises may ameliorate obesity-related disorders through Sirtuin gene activation.