Bioavailability Of NAD+ Precursors Is More Important Than Purity

ScienceJuly 18, 20224min read

bioavailability vs purity of NMN supplements


  • Supplements are expected to be effective.
  • The bioavailability of supplements is important because it increases the amount of the desired nutrients your body can absorb, without having to take higher doses.
  • Supplements get broken down by a harsh acidic environment before they reach blood cells.
  • Liposomal technology shields ingredients in supplements and increases their absorption.
  • Supplement absorption is increased by liposomes, not purity.


When we purchase a supplement we hope that it will be effective, and we will be able to feel a positive impact on our health span. In order to comply with that, supplements have to be effective and capable of delivering active ingredients to the cell. This is when it gets complicated.

Once we ingest food or supplement, it enters our mouth where saliva, containing special enzymes, starts to break down the intake. Then the food goes straight to the digestive system, where useful nutrients are absorbed into our bloodstream, stored, or used. 

However, our bodies work in a way that a lot of good nutrients usually get broken down by stomach acid and intestines before they reach our blood cells. This means that the products we consume do not work to their full potential. And this is when bioavailability takes a significant role in the process. 

What Is Bioavailability? 

Bioavailability can be defined as the number of nutrients in food or other substances that are absorbed and utilized in the body. It is essential as it lets our body absorb more, instead of using higher doses. It mainly depends on 2 aspects: absorption and secretion. 

Absorption And Secretion

The definition of these processes can be explained as the following:

Absorption is the process of nutrient movement from the digestive system to the bloodstream, so it can reach the cells throughout the body. 

Secretion/excretion is the process when a nutrient or other substance is being produced and discharged from the cell or organ in order to participate in a particular function. For example, insulin is secreted in the body when food is consumed or is removed from the body entirely as metabolic waste in the urine. 

These processes can explain the basic functioning of bioavailability. However, as mentioned before, the success of bioavailability sometimes might be limited. Because of that, numerous research has been conducted to figure out what can increase bioavailability in human bodies.

One successful way to achieve bioavailability was discovered recently. It is called liposomal technology. Liposomal technology allows nutrients to get absorbed into the blood cells instead of being broken down throughout the degradation processes.

Liposomal NMN

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What Is Liposomal Technology?

Liposomes are composed of phospholipids. Phospholipids are the building blocks of human cells. They are an important part of the human body as phospholipids are considered the main components of the cellular membrane structure. They make liposomal supplements extremely powerful by increasing the effectiveness of nutritional supplements.

The main function of liposomes is to help deliver foods and nutrients efficiently to targeted tissues and organs. In fact, liposomal supplements have an 8 times greater absorption rate than non-liposomal supplements.

NAD+ precursors as other supplements are also affected by bioavailability limitations. In the case of NAD+ precursors nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) or nicotinamide riboside (NR), when traveling through the body, liposomal technology makes sure that supplements will be protected from intestinal bacteria and digestive juices. This advantage of liposomal supplements guarantees that one will receive more reliable doses of NAD+

Although, it is important to note that the bioavailability aspects of liposomal technology are only one of many benefits. 

Why Is Bioavailability More Important Than Purity?

The smaller doses are as effective. Meaning that with liposomal technology the smaller doses will be absorbed in the same way giving the same amount of nutrients as taking larger doses with no liposomal technology.

This is because liposomes are absorbed by the oral mucosa and through lymphatic mechanisms in the gut. The liposomal delivery also protects supplements from stomach acid, which destroys non-liposomal nutrients. As a result, greater efficiency and smaller doses are enough to achieve desired results.

Liposomes may offer additional health benefits. Alongside helping to make sure that the supplements are absorbed in the human blood cells, liposomes help the body by replacing damaged phospholipids. Phospholipids are crucial for maintaining the protective membrane of cells. In addition, liposomes may help to maintain the health of cells. 


On the whole, all of these benefits bring essential changes for human body health and a change of perspective on supplements’ need and effectiveness. As a result, the liposomal technology market is increasing rapidly over the last few years. With the benefits of better bioavailability and the need for smaller doses, this technology is a small part of the significant change in the health industry, especially the supplement market.