What are Sirtuins and Why are They so Important?

ScienceNovember 29, 20216min read

DNA, Sirtuins and Longevity


What Are Sirtuins?

Sirtuins are encoded by the SIRT genes and are NAD+ dependent enzymes, which means that their enzymatic activities depend on the concentration of NAD+ in the organism. Sirtuin gene activity is positively correlated with NAD+ concentration. When NAD+ levels are higher, SIRT activity is also increasing. Sirtuins regulate almost all cellular protein stability by two main processes: Deacetylation which regulates protein production in the cell and the ADP-ribosylation process which changes the structure and activity of the protein.

Sirtuin family and mitochondria

Credits: Denu lab

Sirtuins Functions and Longevity.

Sirtuin 1

Sirtuin 2

Sirtuin 3

Sirtuin 4

Survivorship of mice with low Sirtuin activity

Sirtuin 5

Sirtuin 6

Mice without sirtuin activity and increased glucose levels

Sirtuin 7


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