Reverse Aging Impacts Of Meditation

LifestyleJanuary 17, 20226min read

meditation, slow aging and telomeres length

The Let-It-Go Approach To Anxiety

Meditation may relief stress and depression

Joice Kelly

The type of mindfulness meditation teaches you the art of “letting it go” by training your brain muscles. As a result, you become resistant to vulnerable thoughts and live in the present moment.

One More In The List Of Antioxidants

A old woman in black clothes in her garden practicing meditation, Tai-Chi

Monica Leonardi

Tai-Chi and yoga, a form of moving meditation, were demonstrated to increase the production of glutathione. The levels and activity of this “mother of all antioxidants” molecule were observed in a study with a yoga group and a control group.

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Agto Nugroho

Meditating For Muscle Tension Relaxation

A girl practicing yoga meditation at her home.

Carl Barcelo

Scientists found that Yoga, one of the types of meditation, has beneficial effects on muscle tension relaxation and reverse cellular aging. The 12-week-study on a yoga-treated group demonstrated lower inflammation and balanced cortisol levels compared with that of a control group. The study suggests active yoga practices and breathing exercises can induce stress relief and muscle tension relaxation.

As can be concluded, we cannot stop our biological aging. But we can defy unhealthy aging, and reverse cellular aging by these preventive measures of meditation. Besides pure spirituality, improved sleep, and high energy levels, meditation can be a fountain of youth and longevity granting us a healthy lifespan.